adam mckenzie presents...

the process of being me

A step by step process for creating lasting change while refining your path to success and fulfilment

What Is The Process Of Being Me?

The Process Of Being Me is not just another self-development program destined to become a distant memory, or something you don't even complete.

This program is the “How To” that you have been looking for.

It is complete breakdown of each key step you need to take in order to create whatever changes in your life you desire most.

Producers, Have You Ever Felt This Way?

  • Facing problems writing memorable melodies & unique chord progressions
  • ​Wondering why you can't get the music ideas out of your head and into your DAW?
  • ​Staying up late at night struggling with "writer's block"
  • ​Sick and tired of making music that lacks emotion and feeling your audience can relate to?
  • ​Don't have the time to spend learning music theory?

If You Can Relate...

Then 'Niko's MIDI Pack Is Exactly What You Need In Your Songwriting Process!


Are you ready to unlock what has been holding you back from what you truly want and deserve?

Would you like to say goodbye to procrastination, unhappiness, a lack of

self-worth, all the reasons you have not achieved the level of success you are after?

Through the pain and struggle of Adam’s own journey he has developed a program that has not just changed his life but the lives of every person Adam has shared this process with.

In this day an age we need to remove ourselves from our old ways of thinking and doing things. If you are ready to go on a journey of self-discovery to learn exactly how you can live a life full of purpose, passion and fulfillment doing what you love most.

Then click on the button below now to grab your copy.

The Process Of Being Me Is Broken down in to 5 Key Elements...


Learn how to tap back into your imagination to gain clarity on your highest values.


Understand the beliefs which have been holding you back & how to instantly create new beliefs.


Learn the key yet simple mindset shift that leads to massive changes in your performance and ability to achieve more.


Recognize exactly how to tap into the power of momentum without having to work harder or having to "motivate yourself.


Learn how to unleash your ability to set your sites on any end results you want with the confidence to know you will attain it and more.

Would you like help to tap into your true potential and remove exactly what has been holding you back?

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